TAL Software - TAL-J-8 1.1.3 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX.LINUX x64 - Full Version

TAL Software has released TAL-J-8 - emulation of vintage Roland Jupiter-8 Virtual synthesizer focuses on recreating the sound of the original instrument, and not additional features, the developer notes. TAL Software, a popular developer of vintage synthesizer emulations, has released a new instrument - the TAL-J-8 synthesizer. The instrument emulates the sound of the classic Roland Jupiter-8. As with other developments, Patrick Kunz of TAL Software has faithfully reproduced the original instrument. Aside from MPE support, Koontz notes, the new TAL-J-8 does not have rich additional features compared to Arturia Jup-8 and Roland Zenology Pro. The main focus during development was given to faithfully recreating the characteristic sound of the original synthesizer. In addition to emulating the oscillators and other Roland Jupiter-8 sections, the new instrument comes equipped with a Unison mode for oscillators and a sound calibration section. The latter allows you to adjust the pitch, resonance and amount of distortion of the generated audio signal. The list of must-have tools for synthwave lovers now has one more plugin.

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