Cinesamples - Artist Series: Tina Guo v1.4 Infinite Bow (KONTAKT) - Full Version

A vast arsenal of innovative sound design and composition tools brought to life through a collection of expressive performances. The Acoustic Cello Legato patches, recorded at the legendary MGM at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, include the CineStrings Solo Legato Cinesamples engine and the Infinite Bow feature. We are pleased to announce that Tina Guo Acoustic Cello Legato and Tina Guo now have the Infinite Bow feature found in all of our solo string products: Tina Guo vol 2, Taylor Davis, CineStrings SOLO and Viola da Gamba. By default, Tina's bow changes naturally to sustained notes. Use a sustain pedal or green rocker switch in front of the sustained note to extend the bow length as needed. This is understandably unnatural, but it does provide the necessary bow length needed for slower tempos. Just re-attack the note when you need to change the bow on the same note. The Tina Guo Library offers an exquisitely unique and progressive approach to acoustic and electric cello, as well as the traditional Chinese Erhu instrument. Bringing Tina's ultra-expressive and experimental performance style to her sample library is a challenge that has been accomplished by blurring the lines between music and sound design - a vital element of her music. A vast arsenal of innovative sound design and composition tools present many new ways to explore and create fresh sounds that are sure to take your products to the next level. Reflecting the fact that Tina's sound and approach to her instruments is constantly evolving, the library includes many inventive features that give the performer the ability to equally evolve fresh sound in many new and different ways. It includes: - The Phrase Builder : A system for building melodic ideas from fragments of Tina's performances in various playing styles. - Drone Designer : Create variable sound layers by controlling the intensity and navigating long samples of unfolding cello drones using the modulation wheel. - Built-in Granular Synth FX : Explore a harmoniously rich and complex sound design spread across a stereo field, with granular function of the left and right channels - Repeated Note Round Robin Staccatos (RNRRS) : New feature that automatically switches to a separate RR sample set when a short note is repeated, resulting in a much more natural cello sound and feel.

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