Softube - Parallels v2.5.9 SSX / VSTi / VST i3 / AAX (MODiF iED) x64 - Full Version

For cinematic sound, for expressive, intelligent, modern electronic music, for video games and theatrical soundscapes ... a disposable synthesizer can create a disposable mood. How often have you looked at your typical working synthesizer with its millions of billions of variations and thought, "Nothing sounds right here!" Parallels has 97 unique sources, each with its own individual playback algorithm. Some of them are exclusive synthesizers. Some of them are modular. One or two were spotted at a Japanese power plant. Modules for our Eurorack Modular synthesizer really expand your possibilities. All of this provides a great foundation for atmospheric, moody, high-quality lines, scores, beats and songs, wherever you are looking for something different. Designed by Experts, Based on Heritage Softube has a long history of modeling professional gear. After nearly two decades of working in partnership with premium professional audio brands such as Tube-Tech, Solid State Logic, Chandler Limited®, Weiss Engineering, Trident and others, we have a solid track record of recreating undisputed classics in software that sounds exactly like their hardware counterparts. This includes experience with mixing and mastering tools based on component modeling, as well as synthesizer plugins like Modular, the Eurorack platform you can use to create truly unique sounds with Parallels modules, and more. Parallels is built on this legacy, and we have taken the same meticulous approach as always: everything must be accurate, skillfully recorded, accurate testing and fine-tuning. Not less.

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