Sampleson - Things 1.0.3 STANDALONE, VSTi, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Sampleson Things Synthesizer (PC / Mac) plugin simplifies the sound design process and makes it accessible to everyone, even those who are not experts in synthesizers ... Sampleson has released Things, a new synthesizer plugin that doesn't require any synthesizer skills. Things are based on "descriptors", which are objects and ideas that help you understand the effect of a knob and the kind of sound it makes. Simply put, musicians create sounds visually. The descriptors have 32 different types of oscillators (arcades, alien conversations, crystals, clouds ...), each equipped with different parameters such as softness, color ... They are supported by 30 different FX processors and filters. All parameters can be assigned to the CC controller (right click on the desired slider / knob) and can be adjusted using the DAW.

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