GForce Software - OB-E 1.0.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, AUi x64 (MacOS) - Full Version

GForce has released an "authentic sound emulation" of the Oberheim 8-Voice synthesizer OB-E plug-in exactly repeats the work of eight SEM modules but makes it easier to program them independently. GForce Software has started selling the new GForce OB-E synthesizer. The novelty is a virtual copy of the 8-voice Oberheim 8-Voice for macOS. The original Oberheim 8-Voice was created with eight SEM (Synthesizer Expander Modules) interconnected. The modules were connected to a polyphonic synthesizer programmer and mixer, and were controlled by a 49-key keyboard. The instrument offered polyphonic sound synthesis by combining eight mono synthesizers into one device. The 8-Voice was equipped with 16 voltage controlled oscillators, eight filters and low frequency oscillators, and 16 ADR envelope generators. Each voice was programmed independently, due to which the instrument was called "octaponic". According to GForce Software, OB-E is an "authentic sound emulation" of the original synthesizer. The plugin exactly repeats all the features of the real Oberheim, including independent programming of voices. The developers note that the work with voices is intentionally simplified, but not to the detriment of the functionality and sound capabilities of the plugin. The virtual instrument features an eight-step step sequencer and routable stereo delay. The synthesizer's graphical interface is fully scalable and supports high-resolution displays. OB-E received a collection of 600 presets, interface enhancement options. The latter allow you to see in more detail the interface of each SEM module. In the future, changes to the settings on one single module can be applied to the rest of the SEMs. Users can also save settings as patches. The synthesizer operates in several modes: Mono, Poly, Unison, Split. A separate mode allows you to turn the third oscillator into a kind of LFO for each voice. The novelty supports control of the strength of the sound, aftertouch polyphonic effect and MPE.

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