Audreio - Revival 1.0 VSTi, AAX x64 - Full Version

Revival is a so-called "drawbar" instrument that combines the sound of classic electromechanical organs and modern synthesis technologies. Features: Four sets of registers for controlling the constituent elements of the sound (attack, primary and secondary sustain, decay). Sustain layers can either be layered or mixed with a crossfade. 17 waveforms for each register - Sine, Tone Wheel, Transistor (3), Saw (5), Square (5), Triangle, Noise (2). 14 “harmonic modifiers” for each register, allowing you to create a wide variety of tone coloration. These modifiers can be modulated by envelopes, as well as change parameters depending on the volume and position of the notes. Emulator of cabinets and speaker rotation effect. 6 models of tube and transistor preamplifiers. Retro style stereo phaser (3 models) with LFO. Multi-mode filter (11 types) with LFO. Reverb (9 types). Delay (7 variations). Master Limiter. Polyphony 16 voices.

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