Waldorf - PPG Wave 3 v1.0.5 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64 - Full Version

PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG Wave synthesizer, which is undoubtedly considered one of the most respected top-class synthesizers of the 80s. Designed by Wolfgang Palm, this instrument features countless recordings and has inspired a generation of producers, composers and listeners. Now you have the opportunity to try all the features of the original instrument in a more convenient format and at a lower price. PPG Wave 3.V uses table-wave synthesis, capable of transmitting up to 256 voices of polyphony. Each voice offers up to two wavetable generators with a choice of sample playback: 8, 12, or 32 bits. Samples can be easily loaded using Drag & Drop. The sound is further shaped by a 12dB and 24dB lowpass filter, an authentic recreation of the classic 2.2 / 2.3 PPG Wave filter with additional Overdrive. In addition, three LFOs are used to modulate sources, either for coarse or smooth modulation.

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