XILS-lab - polyKB II 2.5.0 VSTi, RTAS, AAX x86 x64 - Full Version

XILS-lab - polyKB II is a virtual analogue of a rather rare and very advanced analog synthesizer produced by the French company RTF in the 80s. In those distant times, this wonderful synthesizer was called Kobol. Due to its unique sound, Kobol RTF has been widely used by legends such as Hans Zimmer, JM Jarre, Vince Clark, Depeche Mode, Vangelis. XILS-Labs, in its virtual version of PolyKB, has recreated the chic original sound of this synthesizer with absolute precision, and also added modern unique features. PolyKB is an excellent polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with 2 oscillators, with a function of sound wave morphing and a four-pole low pass filter. Has a built-in sequencer (polyphonic) and a good arpeggiator. Peculiarities: Two morphing generators without interference: from triangle to ripple, through a sawtooth waveform. 4 poles, low frequency band, self-oscillating filter. Two envelope generators (ADSR). Two MIDI-synced LFOs. One polyphonic 128-step sequencer. One arpeggiator. Chorus and delay effects. Mono / unison / poly playback modes with 16-voice polyphony

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