Waldorf - Nave 1.0.3 VSTi, VSTi3 x86 x64 - Full Version

A collaboration between Rolf Wormann of Tempo Rubato (the developer of the excellent NLog synthesizer), Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf and design luminary Alex Hartmann, Nave is a hybrid wavetable / analog synthesizer for Windows. Nave generates its harsh, punchy sound with two wavetable oscillators and a virtual analog synthesizer, where up to eight voices are available in unison via the Ɯberwave section. And what are these wave tables! You can choose one for each oscillator from a large list, load any WAV file (the results of which are always unpredictable), or enter text to convert it into a speech wave table, which gives great prospects for working with voices. The 3D display is informative enough, outwardly attractive and allows custom settings, and working in editing mode can captivate you for hours. Convenient controls allow you to comfortably control playback. Circular modulation can be applied between the two wavetable and 1 / W1 oscillator, while the excellent multi-mode 12 / 24dB filter sits next to the host of the rest of the modulators, an excellent 4-track recorder, etc. To appreciate the high potential of the Nave program, you should work with it yourself. If Waldorf created it as a hardware synthesizer, it would be worth thousands of dollars. Bugs Fixed: - Windows, Cubase, VST2: While playing back automation in the Nave UI the controls of Cubase got frozen.

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