FL Studio 6 Producer Edition - Full Version

As soon as Fruity loops 6 XXL is successfully downloaded and installed, we rush to launch it as soon as possible. Launch - on the screen, like the same gray background and buttons, in appearance - almost the 5th part. But! The kindly provided demo track (starts automatically at the first start) from the Blake Reary team shows us the innovations and improvements of this version. Actually, the first innovation is visible right away - as the game progresses, the Notepad that appears (Fig. 1) flips through the pages itself. In other words, it became possible to automate scrolling in a notepad. Moving on: there have been significant changes in the mixer (Fig. 2). First, any track can now work as an additional effect (Send FX). Secondly, now, if you wish, you can export to wav not the entire mix, but each track separately. To do this, you just need to click on the floppy disk icon (it is at the bottom of each of the tracks). Drag & Drop capabilities have been expanded. Now you can drag files directly from one plugin to another (for samplers and the like). In addition, there are minor improvements, such as the ability to open files in the browser with the middle button. Or, for example, the animation of buttons has been improved. Also included is support for new hardware devices, incl. sustain pedals, and for the Fruity Wrapper (all external VST and DX instruments work through it) there is a new opportunity - to step by step adjust all the parameters of the virtual synthesizer. This item is stored in the plugin menu under the name Link all parameters Other cosmetic innovations include the ability to control basic functions from the multimedia keys on the keyboard. Now is the time to switch to more serious stuff - the new plugins in Fruity Loops 6. New plugins in Fruity Loops 6 EQUO - Powerful Graphic Equalizer (Figure 4). It is interesting in that it has the possibility of morphing, i.e. "overflow" from one settings and parameters to others.

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