Soundbytes - BagPipes 1.1 VSTi x86 - Full Version

Soundbytes BagPipes is a sampled VST instrument of authentic sounding bagpipe styles, using only a MIDI keyboard and a modulation wheel and pitch bender wheel. Peculiarities: * six presets of authentic sounding bagpipes from various European traditions with real-time patch switching: galician gaita swedish saeckpipa bock (germany) flemish pipe german shepherds pipe bohemian dudy * characteristic sound of bagpipe bass pipe * change the attack noise to emulate natural sounding trills and decorations ... * vibrato, bagpipe bag pressure emulation and two user configurable vocal modulators controlled via MIDI. * configurable frequency and amplitude of the random drift of the modulator to simulate various stages of performance * All modulators simultaneously affect tone, volume and timbre for realism. * low load on the processor and memory.

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Not for sale, intended for testing and educational purposes only, Support the developer by buying the original one, please report the violation post, we will delete it immediately

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