Musical Sampling - Adventure Strings (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Adventure Strings is the continuation of our debut release Soaring Strings. Performed by the same number of players recorded in the same space, sitting in their traditional positions - both libraries have the same performance aesthetic. Strong, passionate and relentlessly energetic. So why need another string library with the same familiar set of short articulations? Well, the way we created them makes it interesting. Shots are usually recorded in isolation - perhaps one or two notes per measure during recording. This makes the editing process uncomplicated and the end result is often satisfactory. Reasonable approach. In Adventure Strings, we recorded repeating phrases; fast sequence of notes at a given tempo. We then edited and programmed each note of that phrase to play, which led to certain results: a set of patches that now fit the context they were designed for because, well, they were recorded that way! In addition to short articulations (spiccatos / staccatos / pizzicatos / marcatos), we've included trills, tremolo, sustains, Full Strings instruments and of course our Adventure patches.


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