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Shruti Box Drone (SURPETI) - Surpeti, also called "Swar pethi", "swar pethi", "swarpeti", "sur peti", "shruti boxing" are an Indian tonal instrument. It is a small box whose sole function is to set the pitch. There are two main varieties - one manual, the other electronic. The manual surpeti is very close to the Indian harmonica (* harmonium, accordion - a small floor harmonium, originally brought to India from England, but quite successfully "acclimatized" there; the sound is produced using bellows-blown air, and the melody is created by pressing the keys - the usual range 2 –4 octaves The Shruti Box (SURPETI) is a popular instrument in both the South and North of India, It is a small wind reed organ. small furs. In recent decades, the electronic version of the surpety has become popular (* they are most often called "shruti box", ie "box for singing") The first shruti boxes simply could only be plugged into an outlet and carried - they were extremely unreliable. However, the development of electronic technology has brought them to a very high level of capability. Today, most often this device simulates the sound and fundamental tones of the vestibule. Most often, this type is called an electronic vestibule.

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