SWAM Engine -SWAM Cello v2.0.1 CE-VR VSTI, AAX X64 - Full Version

One of the most expressive and realistic cellos on the market. Based on our patented SWAM-S engine, powerful physics simulation technology has emerged based on the Digital Waveguides approach. SWAM-S stands for Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling - Strings. Unlike SWAM, the sound is generated by pure physical simulation, so there are no samples at all. We carried out an in-depth study of physical modeling methods, especially the synthesis of digital waveguides by the professor. Julius O. Smith. Using this technique, adding new elements and performing continuous fine-tuning, we have created the best simulated virtual instruments on the market, Bowed Strings, giving you real-time control of nose speed, bow pressure, bow position, vibrato, portamento, harmonics, tremolo, pizzicato and many more. the parameters are realistic, almost indistinguishable from the real instrument.

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