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u-he Zebra 2.6 offers various types of sound synthesis and keying options, and you can mix as you like. For example, you can easily combine additive synthesis with phase distortion and modulation frequency. Or you can restore the structure of your favorite analog synthesizers. All this is done with intuitive drag and drop, without overwhelming the user interface with wires. Zebra is designed to be the most flexible yet easy-to-use synthesizer. Zebra 2.6 presents you with as much complexity as you need for a particular sound, but no more. This layout is designed so that nothing gets in your way until you explicitly want it. Key Features: - Modular architecture up to: 4 oscillators, 4 dedicated FM oscillators, 4 filters (19 kinds), 4 VCA / PAN, filter separation, waveforming, ring modulators, noise generators for each voice - 24 audio modules, 28 sources modulation, thousands of parameters to customize; accessible through an intuitive user interface. - Drag and drop the snapping net. - 4 syncable multistage envelope / synth steps. - 4 ADSR envelopes, 4 LFOs per voice. - Play Modes: Polyphony, One Trigger, Legato Mode, and Arpeggiator / Step Sequencer. - Spectral editor: unlimited waveforms (including additive synthesis). - Flexible modulation matrix. - 16 onboard effects: ModFX (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser), delay, reverb, ring modulator, Waveshapers filters, mixers. - 2 internal send buss and flexible routing of effects. - Many effect parameters can be modulated. - 4 XY controls, allowing you to produce deep sound morphs in real time. - MIDI Learn: All knobs are remotely controlled by changing MIDI as well as from relative / auxiliary controllers. - More than 1000 presets.

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