Auddict - Master Solo Woodwinds Bundle (KONTAKT) PART-1 - Full Version

The Ultimate Woodwind sample library can fool even the most sensitive and trained ear. 40 GB of impressive quality content - multiple layers of legato in multiple dynamic layers, play any note duration, and even control the level of real mechanical noise coming from the instruments. After a lot of recording, production, relentless testing, re-testing and final improvement of the final result, we are very pleased to present you with the Master Solo Woodwinds kit, which contains carefully sampled solo flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet and bassoon for Kontakt. These instruments will play whatever you'd expect from them - with a legato mode that can adapt to slow or extremely fast playing in a single phrase without any extra effort / key switching on your part - just download and play! Natural Legato - Numerous natural legato kits have been recorded with or without vibrato for maximum realism. Trills / Tremolo- Select this articulation and you can play a trill or tremolo between any two notes while holding them on the keyboard. Mechanical Noise - These wind instruments have a characteristic mechanical sound, so we decided to come up with something that allows some control over this subtle characteristic in timbre. We have created a special knob that can control the level of mechanical noise heard in the instrument. You can turn this on or off completely in the GUI to set a midpoint that feels right, and on top of that, it reacts to the speed of your own game, just as if the real player were pressing harder or softer.

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File Size 15.16 GB
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