AudioD3CK - RAON Series 1.9.0 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

AudioD3CK ChopChop - virtual compressor ChopChop AudioD3CK KRUCZ- this is a maximizer from the RAON series. Much attention has been paid to the design and the quality of the sound obtained at the output. Your sound comes out clean and free of clutter. The plugin can be switched to compressor / limiter mode, high pass filtering is present to remove low frequency noise. The AudioD3CK ST-RIP is a saturator that adds subtle saturation and noise characteristics to the sound to emulate the behavior of an analog mixing console. The plugin gives the sound depth and grain, has a built-in compressor and equalizer. AudioD3CK o-clip- Being a fairly simple plug-in for clipping audio signals, the effect has a well-thought-out set of functions to make it easy to get great results. o-clip takes advantage of all the main features of the audioD3CK plugins, such as flexible, high quality oversampling and a customizable user interface. AudioD3CK SunRuys - A Clean Well Proven Compressor

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