Audiofier - Aerkord v1.2.1 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Bowed, Blown & Human Sustained Events Includes a selection of bowed stringed instruments like Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, but also bowed guitars and ethnic intruments, Woodwinds like Duduk, Kaval, Bamboo flutes, Ocarina and Gralla. Female voices. The different categories include natural instruments samples, granulised, ambient, designed and spacey sounds. RANDOMISER SERIES ENGINE It includes recordings of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music. The 1.2 Engine features two multisample, 3 Round Robins Sound Sources, a Twin Step Sequencer, an Arpeggiator (and yes, they work in Tandem!), Step Effects, Trails Layer, a Sequence Midi Drag & Drop function, a Crystal Generator and the trademark intelligent Randomization function which allows to generate fresh and useful sounds every time. The FULL version of Kontakt 5.5+ is required

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