BeatSkillz - RetroHit 1.0.0 VSTi x86 x64 - Full Version

As the sound of the 80s becomes a trend and increasingly appears in modern mixes of the best artists, as well as in new soundtracks for TV shows and films, we could not resist and released a drum plug-in based on the sound of drums from the 80s. NS. Retro Hit is a drum machine with over 600 drum beats, inspired by pop / dance and rock by popular bands and artists of the 1980s. The plugin provides 50 kits of kicks, snares, hats, cymbals, claps, toms, FX and percussion, which are available as EQ, compression and reverb processed versions, as well as untouched processing. Each element has its own volume and pan control. Global settings for Pitch, Reverb, Attack and Sustain are also provided. These elements were recorded directly from vintage drum machines EMU sp12, OB-MX, LINN DRUM and Fairlight. The sounds were also recorded using tube preamps and compressors such as NEVE 1073, Rolex Thermionic Culture and Electrodyne pres, Distressor, Api 2500 and Drawmer 1978. Hardware EQ, compressor and reverb were applied to the original samples to recreate the original atmosphere of the 80s ... These sounds will be instantly recognizable and will inspire you to work fast and cool.

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