Bechstein Digital - C. Bechstein Digital Grand v1.1.0 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Happy Birthday to C. Bechstein Digital Grand! A year ago we presented our first grand piano - the Digital Grand. The library served as a reference for the quality and richness of sound in detail. In addition to overall performance improvements, the update also brings a number of innovations and optimizations. In this way, the resonance of the strings has been extended, and the threshold value of the continuously operating MIDI sustain pedals can now be set individually. In addition, new snapshots are provided and for the first time, multi-tools are used, in which multiple microphone signals are phase-aligned and can be mixed by the user at will. The C. Bechstein Digital Grand has been designed to meet the highest expectations of composers and musicians, as well as the comprehensive requirements of daily recording practice at the highest level. This applies to both the sonic aspects and the usability, which always remains intuitive. All controls are constantly improved by our developers and are extensively tested in the DAW plug-in environment, as well as on virtuoso live performances in different genres. The same sound: The acoustic prototype of the Digital Grand is the carefully selected C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand. With its ability to accentuate and accentuate even the finest melodic lines and an unrivaled wealth of color tones, the D 282 belongs to the finest modern concert grand pianos in the world. With C. Bechstein, you can freely accentuate a specific voice, emphasize a specific melody or a specific chord, and thus make your interpretation more lively and vibrant. The C. Bechstein Digital Grand meets the highest standards that we set for the development of our acoustic instrument: sound and production at the highest level, made for connoisseurs and people with passion. Great attention to detail: From about 2 terabytes of recorded material, more than 10,000 carefully selected zones have been allocated! Both software developers and pianists have worked hand in hand to create a wide variety of presets for the Digital Grand and deliver impressive range and natural sound with every sound setting. To this end, the controllers of the innovative graphical interface have been programmed so that the possible modulation of the sound is always matched with the original unique character of a C. Bechstein concert grand. Innovative sound shaping: In an acoustic instrument, certain areas sound warmer, more punchy, lively, or restrained. In the C. Bechstein Digital Grand, an innovative 4-parameter control interface provides comprehensive sound customization for every single (!) Note. Over 1200 parameters control the sound of your game at the same time. At the same time, each controller remains intuitive and controllable - and offers endless possibilities for both novice and experienced sound engineers! Premiere in KONTAKT Instruments: M / S Sound Design: Experience real Mid- / Side editing for the first time in KONTAKT! C. Bechstein Digital Grand offers a designer way of capturing acoustic instruments and allows you to individually control each channel within the plug-in, its volume, compression and EQ. The M / S signal is detailed, accentuating every single note across the entire dynamic range - we're sure you'll love it!

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