Bias Peak Pro ™ 5 2 + SoundSoap 1 1 1 - MacOS - Full Version

Professional audio editor for editing stereo files, great tool for audio processing and mastering for Macintosh. Industrial standard. A state-of-the-art all-in-one digital audio processing workstation for professional quality audio editing, sample editing and CD mastering. The closest analogue in the Windows environment is Sound Forge. Works with 3rd party plug-ins of Audio Unit format, VST, MIDI support. Add. Info : Basic Editing Features: Unlimited Undo / Redo, Non-Destructive Editing, Destructive Editing, Cut / Copy / Paste Editing, Replace, Duplicate, Insert, Insert Silence, Silence, Delete, Delete Except Audio, Crop, Markers, Markers From Tempo , Regions, New Region Split, Capture Region to Playlist, Loops, Dynamic Scrubbing, High Resolution Tape-Style Scrubbing, Guess Tempo, Loop Surfer, Pencil Tool (for Manual Waveform Editing), "Magic" Pencil Tool, QuickTime Movie Sync, Convert Markers to Regions, Snap to Zero Crossings, Snap to Bars / Beats, Snap to CD Frames, Snap to PS2, Snap to Xbox Loop Boundaries, Snap to Custom Lengths, Save Loop Flags in On / Off Position. DSP Capabilities: Add, Amplitude Fit, Auto-Define Tracks, Bit Usage, Change Duration, Change Pitch, Change Gain, Convert Sample Rate, Convolve, Crossfade Loop, Harmonic Rotate, ImpulseVerb, Invert, Fade In, Fade Out, Find RMS, Find Peak, Gain Envelope, Envelope From Audio, Loop Tuner, Mix, Modulate, Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Mono, Normalize, RMS Normalize, Panner, Phase Vocoder, Rappify, Repair Clicks, Remove DC Offset, Reverse, Reverse Boomerang, Strip Silence, Swap Channels, Threshold Supported file formats: AIFF, Sound Designer II, WAVE, QuickTime, MP4 (AAC), MP3, Jam Image, Sonic AIFF, Paris, Raw, * .snd (Sound Resource), * .au, Apple Lossless, DDP File Export from Playlist, DDP Export Extension sold separately

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