CDSoundMaster - VTMC-M2 1 1 VST x86 x64 + NOiNSTALL VST x64 - Full Version

An imitation of a vintage tube compressor for mastering. VTMC-M2 is the second plugin developed by Michael Heiler and Michael Angel. The sound system, signal chain, and processing design is an original concept from Michael Angel, which started in 2005 and up to 2009. Michael Heiler provided the perfect coding and development partnership to bring this process into plugin form. This was done for the "Mx2" development team under the exclusive release of CDSoundMaster. VTMC-M2 stands for Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor developed by Mx2 or Michael Times Two. The original signal chain concept developed by Michael Angel CDSoundMaster is called Virtual Interactive Signal Chain Technology and has been brilliantly executed in code. This unique process is realized with the most advanced and comprehensive system for re-creating analog circuits, optimized using audio streaming and memory routines. It is capable of generating a more complex response than other algorithmic processes. Built with Virtual Interactive Signal Circuit technology, each device is designed with real analog recording devices in mind for maximum realism and audio excellence. The Vintage Tube Mastering Compressor features three incredibly complex characteristics, each with extremely high expectations. We are confident that you will find that the VTMC-M2 performs this task with an amazing personality that will find its place in a wide variety of mixes and final masters. VTMC-M2 is not an emulator for one specific device. It is based on many years of practical knowledge of many classic devices, each of which is known for its own special character and capabilities. The tube sound design of the VTMC-M2 is completely original sound and connoisseurs will instantly recognize the character of tube sound in this unit. You can keep the sound intact or get more overtly aggressive.

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