Tone2 - Nemesis 1.0 VSTi x86 x64 - Full Version

Nemesis The so-called NeoFM method promises to make the production of FM-style sounds easier and more intuitive. Tone2 claims that Nemesis outperforms "regular" synthesizers in sound quality and comes with 1,000 patches . Features Unrivaled sound quality. A new user friendly approach to FM synthesis. Nemesis makes FM synthesis accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level and experience. Easy customization of presets, the ability to use your own sounds. NeoFM covers all the major aspects of traditional FM synthesis, while not being limited to sounds like bells at all. It offers a wide variety of sounds, much more varied than other FM synthesizers. Thanks to its innovative approach, NeoFM does not have the metallic sound and other weaknesses of conventional FM synthesizers. Nemesis offers no less than 22 combinable synthesis types and expands frequency modulation with such types of synthesis as additive, formant, wavetable, wave envelope synthesis, phase distortion (phase distortion synthesis), synchronized and resonant synthesis. Has 1000 inspiring patches from professionals. Unique signature sound. The ability to create a large number of exclusive sounds that cannot be achieved with other synthesizers. Perfect for both modern and all other musical styles. Wave import, resynthesis and additive spectral editor give limitless possibilities. True 4-channel stereo unison. A wide range of hi-end quality effects with flexible and innovative routing options. Trancegate with a wide variety of customization options. Hi-end sound with low processor requirements. Powerful and easy-to-use arpeggiator.

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