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Decimort-1.4.0 Plugin for simulating the effect of ADDA-converters of various vintage samplers and sampler drum machines. Until now, many musicians and arrangers prefer to use external old school samplers like AKAI 1000/2000/3000, AKAI MPC, EMU, Kurzweil, etc., since these machines have their own specific charm and color when it comes to the sound of these instruments. The basis of this charm lies in the digital-to-analog converters of external samplers, they just paint the sound in the desired "color", give the sound subjective density and dynamism. Decimort faithfully emulates the AD / DA converter circuits built into various vintage samplers. The plug-in can also achieve a lo-fi effect, where the khz / bit parameters of the sound are specifically narrowed to produce the desired signal degradation effect. A special algorithm is provided, Devastor-1.4.0 This is a simple yet wonderful Multiband Distortion. It is an extended version of the distortion device of our PHOSCYON synthesizer. Being multi-band, it presents endless sonic possibilities. Devastor consists of three blocks: a dynamic gain module, a Diod-Clipper Distortion and three filter sections. Each of the filters can process the signal before or after the Diod-Clipper. The filters do not sharpen the EQ type typically found in classic multiband distortions. They are similar to those on analog synthesizers: (low pass, high pass, band pass and band reject) - with adjustable resonance and cutoff. Drumazon-1.6.1 Synthesizer Drumazon emulates the Roland TR-909 analog synthesizer. All instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original. All the nuances and details of the original are captured perfectly. In addition, all Drumazon tools have enhanced controls. This additional functionality allows the user to adjust sounds further than on the original unit. This opens up a whole new world of sound creation. Fazortan-1.4.0 Fazer from a Polish developer. An effective device that repeats the sound of retro phasers of the 70s (which is now in vogue again), it is even stylized externally for these devices. Has all the necessary settings, pleasant to look at. LuSH-101-1.1.3 Multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer based on the modules of some modern synthesizers, combined into one compact and intuitive interface. The LuSH-101 is simple, easy to use, yet incredibly powerful ... Sounds great in any genre. LuSH-101 has a unique sound, which was achieved by the developers, mainly through experience: countless hours of analysis of classic analog synthesizers, careful design, implementation of DSP algorithms and each of its components. The result is a synthesizer with uncompromising quality oscillators, filters with incredible natural warmth and character, effects, each one of the highest in its class. Nepheton-1.6.1 This VST instrument contains 17 fully synthesized instruments and perfectly emulates the famous 808 drum machine. The instruments sound exactly like the original. In addition, they are equipped with additional controls to make the sound even better. Nithonat-1.6.1 The unique sounds produced by the Roland TR-606 have impressed many musicians working in the styles of Electro, Hip-Hop, RnB, etc. Nithonat only expands the functionality and capabilities of the TR-606. Phoscyon-1.9.5 VST format synthesizer that emulates the sounds of the legendary Roland TB303, one of the most popular analog synthesizers. The software version of this wonderful synthesizer has been added and supplemented by a large number of features that were not in its hardware implementation. An indispensable tool for creating unique compositions in the styles of house, ambient, acid, drum and base and not only, it all depends on your talent and ability to create and create unique and inimitable compositions in your personal unique style. Redoptor-1.4.0 Distortion, with accurate emulation of the tube and transistor nature of distortion. Contains a built-in equalizer and a regulator for feeding the generated harmonics into the signal. Sigmund-1.1.2 Not just another delay effect, this plugin contains 4 discrete delay modules, each with its own independent parameters, providing incredible sound shaping capabilities. The modules contain a multi-mode filter, overdrive and amplitude modulator, as well as built-in LFOs. Syntorus-1.4.0 An analog chorus with a double delay line capable of simulating almost all classics. Toraverb-1.4.0 Virtual reverb built on a conceptual processing algorithm, not standard ones (room, hall or plate). Using a number of simple parameters, you can create almost any type of reverb.

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