u-he - ACE, Diva VSTi, VSTi3 x86 x64 - Full Version

u-he ACE(Any Cable Everywhere) by u-he is a synthesizer with high sound quality at a competitive price. The easy choice of modules and the well-defined layout of the ACE are ideal tools for the beginner to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of modular synthesis. There are almost endless ways to connect the module, according to the developers, you will soon feel how much better it is to make your own sounds in u-he ACE 1.2 than in a non-modular synthesizer. Key features of u-he ACE: - 2 x LFO (1 sine, 1 sine / Tri / saw / sqr) 0Hz - 20kHz. - 2 x ADSR (same as Bazille). - 2 x VCO (SAW / PWM) 0Hz - 20 kHz, VCO1 with SubOsc. - 2 x VCF (two variable points each: LP1 / LP2 / LP3 / LP4, HP / BP / BR). - 2 x VCA / pan. - 2 x Multiple (as in Bazille). - 1 x Mixer (OSC Balance, Sub, Noise, AUX). - 1 x Ramp Generator (up-> Hold-> down-> rest, loops, if rest <100). - 1 x MAP generator (creates variable values ​​for each note or key, can be used as a signal for custom LFO2). - 1 x noise (white, pink). - 1 x add-ons like Glide / Glide2. - 1 x stereo chorus (global). - 1 x Ping Pong Delay (global). - 1 x LF / HF Booster (global).

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