db-audioware - Sidechain Compressor 2.0.0 VST x86 x64 - Full Version

Sidechain Compressor is a flexible plug-in compressor. It can be used as a conventional console compressor for clean, crisp compression and limiting for a wide range of mixing tasks (such as adding drive to drum tracks or the presence of vocals). For added flexibility, the controls (Lo Cut / Hi Cut / Shape) allow you to customize the side chain compression. However, the true sidechain is the versatile Sidechain section. It allows you to easily perform vocal ducking (standard radio vocal processing when the music starts to fade out when the narrator speaks) or add synchronized ducking to dance mixes. Please note that when set to (External Trig on), the “send” plug-in does not compress audio, but transmits the sound without processing directly to its output. Only the sink plug-in acts as a compressor. For added flexibility, you can hook up a side-chain from one “send” track to multiple “receive” tracks.

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