db-audioware - Sidechain Gate 2.0.0 VST x86 x64 - Full Version

Sidechain Gate allows you to perform clever mixing techniques by using the original track as the gate for another track. For example, you can use a hi-hat pattern on one track to rhythmically gate a synthesizer on another track. Or, gate the bass to get the effect from the kick drum track (so the bass is only heard when the kick is playing). What's more, Sidechain Gate is easy to use and works in almost any audio package - even those that don't directly support sidechain. It only takes a few clicks and it will work! The Sidechain Gate also brilliantly serves as a regular insert effect. EQ and Shape controls allow intelligently gating recording problems. Let's say you want to clean up a noisy recording of a drum that has a cymbal leak. Just use the Hi Cut control to filter out the higher frequencies and then the gate will skip the sound when the snare sounds.

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