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NYCompressor is an ideal workhorse when it comes to controlling dynamics in a mix. From soft compression, to glueing your mix, from hard compression of drums, to maximum punch. NYCompressor transforms your music from "weak sounding" to "powerful and addictive" with just a few twists of the knobs ... DDMF 6144 is a software equalizer based on the Neve Portico 5033. Instead of deep diving and going crazy over several parameters of other equalizers, all you have to do is plug in the module, turn on a few knobs and mix the music to your liking. Like the Neve Portico 5033, the 6144 EQ is already preconfigured to get good musical sound for audio. DDMF DirectionalEQ - Virtual Equalizer DDMF IIEQPro - high-quality graphic equalizer DDMF IIEQPro, following its older brother LP10, has acquired a built-in spectrum analyzer (with a scrolling function). Other features: 12 filter types, up to 10 bands, A | B sections for comparison of EQ options. DDMF LinComp is a linear phase multiband compressor, a tool that applies to every mastering circuit. Multiband compression lets you take care of the levels and response times of the four frequency bands independently, and the linear phase transition ensures that all of this happens without any damage to audio at all. The DDMF LP10 is a great professional 10 band equalizer for mastering. DDMF NoLimits - Virtual Limiter DDMF StereooeretS - You can increase the stereo field as much as you like, without losing drive in the lower range or removing energy from the center channel. It splits the sound into bass and treble parts and lets you adjust the width, level, and even panning of both bands independently! DDMF TheStrip is a channel strip plugin that includes the best equalizer, gate, filter and compressor. Due to its low CPU usage, you can use this plugin on every channel of your projects.

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