Echo Collective - Swell Full (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Swell is a Kontakt instrument and sound effects library designed to create natural-sounding fade-in sounds for a variety of cymbals. We brought in a professional drummer to perform each of the build-ups and we used a wide variety of cymbal shapes and sizes during our recording sessions. Cymbals included gong, orchestral hanging cymbals, crashes, china cymbals, sizzle rides and others. Careful attention has been paid to the highest sound quality and detail when recording every performance. We chose relatively clear space for ultra-low noise waveforms and recorded with John Hardy M1 preamps for great clean gain. Schoeps and Neumann microphones were used to obtain a wider coverage range for each cymbal. Swell is divided into 2 parts: Natural and Designed. Natural - Has recordings that have not been altered from their original source and have been recorded in order to create clean, musical, natural sounding build-ups. Designed - Uses samples based on natural recordings, but which have been transformed into completely new and different sounds using heavy processing and layering. It was created to quickly and easily create interesting designs and transition sounds. Swell includes over 200 fully engineered swings. In addition to carefully recorded sounds, we have created a truly useful and flexible instrument. This tool links the Mod Wheel to an entire matrix of effect parameters that you can manipulate in real time to instantly create complex sounds.

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