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Stop worrying about wrong notes. Instead, concentrate on the melodic rhythms. Use MelodicFlow VSTi to quickly create and play stunning bass lines, arpeggios and melodies. You can never go wrong as all of your input data will be assigned to the correct notes immediately. The only thing that will make you write songs: Do you know what chords you want to use in your song, but have no idea for melodies yet? Do you want to play it on the keyboard, but you constantly select the wrong notes as you play? Do you know exactly what your melodies should be and you know when they should play higher or lower, but you find it difficult to shift it from your head to the program? MelodicFlow helps you compose and play melodies faster than ever before. Here's how it works : Essentially, the MelodicFlow VSTi will act as an intermediary between your keyboard and the virtual instrument. When you press, for example, white keys on your keyboard, MelodicFlow will convert your notes to the correct ones. Follow these steps to start improvising tunes right away: Connect MelodicFlow to another instrument inside your DAW. Route chord notes to MelodicFlow in lower octaves. This way the plugin will know which harmonies will be used in your song. Choose one of seven modes of operation and choose a key. Now play the high octave white keys. Depending on the mode of operation, MelodicFlow automatically converts these keys into harmony notes that match your chords and selected key. There are also dedicated black keys that are useful for songwriting. For example, C # 6 will play all notes of the current chord at the same time (see the manual). Ideal for production: MelodicFlow will dramatically speed up your music workflow. Just record your chords and choose a key from the MelodicFlow menu. No more worrying about wrong notes, you only need to draw melodic rhythms in your DAW. Should the bass line stick to your chords? Create a simple rhythm within your DAW. MelodicFlow will take care of the rest. Need to change your chords later? Replace them with new ones. Melodies, arpeggios and bass lines will match. Did you create a complex melody on another track? Copy the melodic rhythm to the new track. Ready. Some DAWs can even create a “master chord track”. This track will change all notes of the chord to various MelodicFlow plugins. If you need to change your chords, you only need to do it in one place. Ideal if you need to quickly create a bunch of tracks.

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