Garage Band 08 - MacOS - Full Version

GarageBand '08 introduces Magic GarageBand, an easy and fun way to create songs for professional musicians and hobbyists. Users can choose from 9 music genres and interact with a group of "musicians" on a virtual stage, choosing an instrument and a passage for each individual "musician", creating thousands of possible song variations. Users can play music using preinstalled programs or record their own voice to sing along to their own music. The new version of GarageBand also offers rich new features for professional musicians, including multi-band recording to highlight the best performances, arrangements for cutting, copying and pasting intros, verses and chorus. The program also supports 24-bit audio interfaces. New in GarageBand '08 * Magic GarageBand. Find musicians for your band and perform on the virtual stage. With GarageBand, you can create new projects in a variety of genres and styles. * Record multiple sources. Mark the area for repetition, record your part several times, and choose the one that best suits your performance. * Automation of tempo effects and instruments. Take a professional approach: set multiple editing points on a track to automate the EQ and vary the tempo. * Arrangements. Break your musical composition into parts - intro, verses, chorus - and copy, move and delete as you wish. * Visual equalizer. Graphically adjust the frequencies for each track by dragging the EQ bands with the mouse. * New kits for vocal improvisations. Give your compositions a new sound with a huge collection of solo and choral voices.

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