WA Production - The King 1.0.1 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64 - Full Version

Multi-band plug-in compressor that allows you to control 5 frequency ranges: Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High ! Why should I use The King? We think the correct question would be: why shouldn't you use The King? Let's tell you more about this. The King is the king of creativity. It integrates a dynamic amplifier and a multi-band compressor. A conventional multi-band compressor allows the user to compress all bands of an audio track, MIDI instrument, or master track. It also allows you to change the threshold of each band and the release time, in general, right? Well, The King is about more than just increasing the sill knobs. You can now adjust the threshold of the frequency bands. But most, if not all, multiband compressor plugins only allow you to adjust three bands: Low, Mid, and High. The King is more than three frequency bands, it lets you control and adjust 5 bands: Low, Low Mid, Mid, High Mid and High! But we said that The King is much more than a regular multiband plug-in compressor. It has amazing features such as: - 5 Band Threshold knobs. - 5 Band Make Up Gain knobs. - Input / Output Gain. - Upward Compression Knob, Downward Compression Knob. - Release Time knob. - Overall Plug-In Mix knob. - Magic EQ with 3 different Shapes / Curves and a built in Limiter. 5-Band Tuning with Make Up Gain : The King has all the features of a multi-band compressor, but what sets it apart from any other similar plug-in on the market? The King allows the user to dive deeper into the tuning of each individual frequency section. The ability to adjust the number of thresholds for each individual group, as well as adjust the "Make Up Gain" parameter for each individual group, which allows you to create stunning, clean and professional sound that is sure to please both the producer and the audience. Mix handle: This knob in any plug-in is very important and can be used in many different ways. The uniqueness of this knob in The King is its purpose and the fact that it is not just a regular Mixer. You can use the Mix knob as a parallel compressor by simply adding only 30% of the resulting sound to the mix. This is a unique effect that produces a truly creative and cinematic sound that we know for sure manufacturers will be pleased with. No need for a third party limiter: The use of the limiter is mandatory in any production style. And most plugins do not provide this feature because they assume that you are just using a third party plugin. The WA Production team thinks the third party limits are amazing and we're not saying you shouldn't use them in your mixes. However, we believe we've put together something to keep your effects rack free of clutter! The King is not like a regular plugin. It comes with built-in Limiter option! A simple switch that prevents an individual audio file or MIDI instrument from exceeding the 0 dB mark. The 0db mark is the maximum peak of anything in the song. Anything that passes the 0db mark will trigger an action called clipping. The King will save time and space and provide a major factor of convenience. Up and down compression: The King wants the producers to have TOTAL control over the sound, so we implemented up and down compression. These effects are represented by two separate Upward and Down knobs in the interface. Both knobs are set to 100 by default and can go all the way down to 0 and go up to 200. We've also added a Time knob that lets you adjust the attack and release times of these compression methods. We love how both of these dynamics compression options complement the combination of multi-band elements added to Magic EQ. We believe this effect will add great sound to any of your master stands, audio files or MIDI instruments. Energize your sound with Magic EQ!The WA Production team has developed another amazing feature in The King that we KNOW will be very emotional in any track it touches. Magic EQ is a stunning design that lets you add EQ to everything, whether it's a master bus, a single audio file, or a MIDI instrument.

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