Hephaestus Sounds - The Magic of Agatha v1.01 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Agatha, winner of 13 harp competitions, has been selected for our new Celtic harp product. Agatha was also the first to listen to this final instrument for Kontakt and praised the authenticity of the sound. We met Agatha at the Harper Congress, here in Italy. We were impressed with her performance and how she got the sound out of her instrument. Sixteen-year-old Agatha told us that she will soon be doing concerts in Paris, and she loves to compose music by converting music from cartoons. Play mode menu- you can choose from 14 different sound modes. You can also use the toggle keys on your keyboard. Live! - uses a special script for the best realism when playing the keyboard normally and controls many samples, attack and release, noise, etc. Sound presets menu - here you can choose between 7 different sound configurations, controlling stereo effect, delay, reverb and equalizer ... SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Tab- Glissando is a powerful tool that is great for instantly creating realistic harp glissandos. To execute aglissando, simply press the Glissando button and select a key using this tab's double menu (such as D and Major). You must now press the 1st note of the glissando and then the 2nd note while holding down the 1st, but these 2 notes MUST be part of the selected key. Example: my song is in E major. So, I need to create a glissando. Now I select E and C major using the menu. Now the major scale consists of the following notes: E, F #, G #, A, B, C #, D # - If I press E1 (1st note) and G5 (2nd note), I will not hear SOUND! - If I press E1 (1st note) and G # 5 (2nd note), I will hear a wonderful glissando in E major! - If I press E1 (1st note) very softly and G # 5 (2nd note) very hard, I will hear a dynamic glissando! - And vice versa! Bisbigliando works the same way, but produces a kind of tremolo. The HARPEGGIATOR tab is a great tool for creating rhythm patterns according to chords or group notes. The tab includes sections: Rhythm, Global, Pitch, Timing, Swing.

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