Adam Monroe Music - Upright Piano 1.0.1 VSTi, KONTAKT x86 x64 - Full Version

Adam Monroe's upright piano was taken from the (slightly used) open piano of Schafer & Sons VS-40 using an Oktava Mk-012 (cardioid) and an AEA Ribbon microphone in wide stereo mode in the Grace M101 and AEA TRP preamps. The piano was chosen with both a small diaphragm condenser and ribbon mics to capture both the transitional details and the warmth of the vertical piano. This approach allows the user to mix microphone positions to achieve a more punchy SDC sound or relaxed tape warmth depending on the needs of the track. With the same mic position in the Piano Library, a solid, true, balanced sound is achieved, useful for pop and solo piano compositions. The piano was selected with a cover and front panel to further accentuate the strings and hammer sounds, and the microphones were positioned directly above the hammers, spaced apart. Naturally, there were some phase problems, so the phase was inverted on ribbon mics to allow bass frequencies to pass through. The piano was recorded in a slightly reverberant number, little of which can be heard in tape position. The Adam Monroe Upright Piano contains 10 speed levels for each note, with 2 round robin notes, corresponding to approximately 3,500 sound samples. The fixture includes built-in reverb and some expected frequencies that can be activated using the switches. The cuts centered at 10.6 kHz and 13.5 kHz are frequencies dominated by piano hammer noise, while the 120 Hz cut is for clearing dirt in bass-heavy mixes. Our intention in developing this library was to create a piano voice that was punchy and clear, without sounding sterile or bored. We believe the end result is a discrete upright piano that fits perfectly into mixes that don't sound clean or fake, and that has enough presence to breathe life into pop rock and rock tracks, as well as being versatile enough to do well. sound like a solo instrument. Adam Monroe's version of Kontakt Upright Piano is cross-platform and supported by Native Instruments, all programs and effects are executed through them. Some simple scripts are done by us. The Kontakt version requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5 or newer. You can use the (free) version of the player to "demo" the tool, but it will time out after 15 minutes. The VST, Audio Unit, and AAX options are another beast and the programming is entirely dependent on AdamMonroeMusic. Our goal in any sample library that is also a VSTi (virtual instrument), audio device, or aax plugin is to try and match the performance of Kontakt Player. With this library, we feel like we did it. The VST, AU and AAX versions include updated high-performance algorithms that have been improved with every new virtual instrument released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is double-buffered and multi-threaded, which means buffering performance is fast, even on slower computers and even at lower latencies. Voices are held and repeated in a pure C-Style array. Memory usage is comparable to the Kontakt version (about 400MB). Due to the solid VST / AU codebase, you can rest assured that the VST, AU and AAX versions will work just as well as the Kontakt version.

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