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A few decades ago (1985 to be exact) a Japanese manufacturer released the JX8P, which was very good. After a year or so, they quickly released the JX10P. This new breed of synthesizer used digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). Not digital oscillators, but analog ones, just digitally controlled for better stability adjustment ... but otherwise everything is analog. And it sounds powerful. We've comprehensively multisampled the raw signals from infrasound, lows to the highest frequencies, and made some long - up to a minute each - so they could breathe. These signals are added to the character of the original instruments as well as the sample set. Unfortunately, these synthesizers were bad for Zook programming. But the company reacted to this with its PG800 programmer ... It connected via a six-pin DIN cable and allowed everything to be practically configured. This MIDI controller has occupied its niche for 30 years and we have replicated its graphical interface in our instrument. We've added several solutions, most notably the sub-octave, as well as "Extras" - additional waveforms that include sync, cross-mode and PWM. We've also added pink noise to DCO2 for added flexibility, and the high pass filter (HPF) is variable rather than switchable. We've also added various mono and unison playback modes for some of the bass and lead lines. And of course there are effects - DISTORTION> EQ> CHORUS / FLANGE / PHASER> DELAY> CONVOLUTION REVERB We've also added some LFOs.

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