Ardor 5.0 x86 x64 WIN.OSX.LINUX - Full Version

Digital audio workstation. The writing capabilities of Ardor are limited only by the hardware on which it is running. It has no built-in software restrictions. When recording occurs, Ardor can automatically compensate for the delay by positioning the recorded material where it should have appeared when recording. It is possible to run Ardor on hardware separate from hardware that has an audio interface. Ardor supports an arbitrary number of audio tracks and buses, and a routing system for anything to anywhere. All volume, pan and plug-in parameters can be automated. All mixing operations and the procedure for storing samples internally are performed in 32-bit floating point format to ensure high accuracy and reliability. Ardor supports shifting, trimming, slicing and time-stretching of recorded areas with sample-level resolution, and also allows you to layer areas of audio data. The program includes a flexible fade editor and a tempo recognition tool. The program can save a history of changes along with the project, so that changes can be undone and redone when the project is reopened. Ardor supports exporting an entire session or portions of a session, as well as importing audio bites into a session from over 30 different audio formats. This can be done from the built-in file database manager or directly from the file browser.

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