Insanity Samples - Folk Fiddle v1.5 (KONTAKT) - Full Version

FOLK FIDDLE is a Folk, Roots / Blues based violin library for the Kontakt sampler with an ergonomic design for maximum creativity in your workflow The samples were left as unpolished and unprocessed as possible to preserve the sense and character of realism. With the full range of the instrument recorded in the following articulations: 1. SUSTAINED LONGS - DOWN & UP BOWS (C) 2. STACCATO (D) 3. PIZZICATO (E) 4. SLUR DOWN (C #) 5. SLUR UP (D #) 6. TURN - TONE TO TONE (F) 7. TURN - SEMITONE TO TONE (F #) 8. SUSTAINED LONGS - JUST DOWN BOWS (G) 9. SUSTAINED LONGS - JUST UP BOWS (G #)

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