Insanity Samples - Offensive Drums (KONTAKT) - Full Version

A library of 3 drum kits: sticks, hammers and brushes. 40 unique variations per drum or cymbal (4 RRs with 10 layers of velocity each). As with all Insanity Samples products, these kits are incredibly versatile and capable of being soft and pretty or tough and aggressive. The dynamic layers go from the quietest sound to the biggest interruptions, where the performer really went to the extreme! The proprietary effects module and the brand new "IRON FACTOR" combine in a really sharp and metallic punch with the STICKS kit. The instrument contains 2 LFOs and a low pass filter, and the shaping and modulation of your drum sound is very intuitive. All 3 sets include a series of 12 cymbal scratching variations. Designed as an electronic drummer and keyboard drummer, with standard mapping combined with a dual trigger, the instrument allows keyboard players to easily play complex rhythms on any single drum with both hands.

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File Size 1.34 GB
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