MAGIX - Samplitude Pro X5 Suite x64 - Full Version

The latest version of Samplitude offers above all a completely new level of sound editing. ARA and Melodyne essential allows you to achieve results that you could not even dream of before. Unprecedented Functional Power : The latest version update brings Samplitude Pro X audio to a whole new level. Now you can copy tracks even from one project to another. In this case, you can choose which of the settings will be saved during the transfer (these can be VST modules, AUX buses, Submix buses, return VSTi elements, and others). New features will greatly facilitate your work at all stages. Powerful. Stable. Extremely accurate: Our powerful digital workstation update includes over 100 enhancements and new features, including the ability to seamlessly integrate external sound editors such as SOUND FORGE Pro or SpectraLayers Pro without any inconvenience. Free download for all Samplitude Pro X users. World-class Sound Processing : A Grammy Winner Who Works For You! The Celemony Melodyne essential plug-in allows you to work in a way that will not be ashamed of the results at any level. Many times proven algorithms will allow you to turn around for real. Working with pitch: Change the pitch for material that was initially inaccurate, thus bringing projects to a professional level. Melodyne is distinguished primarily by its natural sounding when working with tone. Timing Correction : Change the timing for individual tones and notes in your material within wide limits. Tempo stretching in Melodyne is not done blindly, but taking into account specific musical characteristics and characteristics. Built through ARA : Celemonys ARA extends the VST protocol in Samplitude Pro X so that the modules and the host work together effectively. Modules will have direct access to the tempo and pitch of the material, among other things. Audio-to-MIDI: Dubbing a language track with a software tool, converting audio tracks to MIDI files for mixing, and extensive use of a virtual drum machine: The new Audio-to-MIDI function opens up completely new possibilities for you. Mixer. Remixes : Wider? Above? Farther? New settings for the mixer are selected in accordance with specific tasks for a particular project. Regardless of whether you have 10 more or 100 more, you will be able to reliably control what is happening. In addition, you can combine modern digital suits with "tube" analog ones. Tempo automation and BPM recognition: Samplitude Pro X calculates the speed of audio files automatically in the background. In combination with the built-in tempomat of the project, you get a really powerful tool for creating music. If you change the playback tempo within a project, the tempo of the individual components automatically adjusts to the overall picture. Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME : The sets of effects contained in Orange Vocoder ME will allow you to significantly expand the scope of what is achievable, experiment with materials, choosing the ideal option. Add comments for tracks, objects and takes: You can record the settings you make for objects and tracks, or evaluate the take immediately after recording. You will have your own electronic notebook, which will help you to assess in detail what is happening during your work. New start dialog : Even before you start recording, you can fine-tune the sampling rate, resolution and other central characteristics. Thus, you will have complete creative freedom while working. Pop Drums : The Pop Drums module combines electronic and tax tube drums. Create a solid foundation for music in any style, from the new wave to rock, pop and EDM. Concert grand piano: Concert Grand Based on the sound of a concert grand piano in an internationally renowned concert hall, this instrument impresses primarily with its incomparable authenticity. Cinematic Soundscapes : Create atmospheric music or hard, beat-bearing. Cinematic Soundscapes will give your project a magical, deep sound. Church Organ : Church Organ Italian Grace! This instrument is based on the sound of a real sampled Venetian grand piano. Ample opportunities to customize the sound depending on the specific situation make this instrument even more attractive. Ideal for rock ballads, hip hop and modern dance.


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