Arturia - Plugin Bandle x64 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer) - Full Version

Arturia - Analog Lab v3.2.0.1509 Arturia - Spark Arturia.Buchla.Easel.V.v1.2.0.1396.CE Arturia.Clavinet.V.v1.2.0.1397.CE Arturia.B3.V.v1.3.0.1391.CE Arturia.CMI.V.v1.2.0 .1391.CE Arturia.ARP.2600.V3.v3.3.0.1391.CE Arturia.CS80.V3.v3.3.0.1391.CE Arturia.DX7.V.v1.2.0.1391.CE Arturia.Farfisa.V .v1.3.0.1391.CE Arturia Jup-8 V3 v3.3.0.1391 CE Arturia.Matrix-12.V2.v2.3.0.1391.CE Arturia.Mini.V3.v3.3.0.1391 Arturia.Modular V3 3.3 .0.1391 Arturia.Solina.V2.v2.3.0.1391.CE Arturia.Wurli V2 Arturia.Analog Lab Arturia.VOX Continental V2 Arturia.Stage-73 V Arturia.Synclavier V Arturia SEM V2 v2.3.0.1391 CE Arturia Prophet V3 v3.3.0.1391 Arturia.Piano.V2.v2.1.0.1391.CE

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File Size 6.55 GB
Magnet Torrent

Not for sale, intended for testing and educational purposes only, Support the developer by buying the original one, please report the violation post, we will delete it immediately

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