Klevgrand - Klevgrand Pads 1.1 VSTi x86 x64 - Full Version

An entertaining pad synthesizer from Scandinavian developers with a hipster interface and interesting architecture. Two sound generators based on waves (12 in total, six in each) morph (just morph, do not mix) with each other, the received signal is processed by a granulator, the intensity of which is controlled by the XY controller along the Y axis, while the X axis controls the mixing noise. The LP filter is pushed on top (which is not specified, but 18 Db / O is heard), and the envelope on the amplifier crowns the AR synthesis chain, after which the final signal can be wetted with the built-in chorus. With all the parsimony of settings, it gives quite interesting pad landscapes, albeit a few with a one-sided bias, but beautiful and quite exotic For those who love the sound of granular pads, but do not want to bother with fine tuning.

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