Arturia - CMI V STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64 - Full Version

CMI V is the reincarnation of the first commercially available digital separator system in the history of music - the sonic powerhouse behind many of the early mega hits of the MTV era. We even went the extra mile and added new creative possibilities that weren't available in those days. With an exotic new sound for digital samples, the promise of a versatile digital workstation, and a physical design straight out of a sci-fi movie, Fairlight CMI was the object of desire for most self-respecting '80s keyboardists. Countless musicians and producers have weighed the risks of a bank robbery to afford it. This is not necessary today. Our tool gives you what many MTV stars have used. We've even made many improvements and additions that bring extra power to this legendary keyboard, including an alternative additive synthesis engine and many new modulation options. The collection of vintage keyboards won't be bundled without the CMI V. CMI V is not just a digital instrument. It's a whole digital workstation. Our advanced emulation of this superhero keyboard lets you work with up to 10 digital instruments of your choice at once - mixing, layering, splitting, and arranging them as you please. Each instrument can be created in one of three different ways to generate sound. The most obvious is the sampling engine, which literally was the first to define this process in the industry. You can also shape sounds using additive synthesis, where you control each of the component harmonics over time. You also get about 300 professional presets to help you get started, including an original library of sounds you'll recognize in countless hits. There are a million ways to shape sounds with CMI. Work with a sample from the included library, or upload your own. Set the start and end points for the sample and loop. Apply multiple effects. Resynthesize the sample using additive synthesis. Create custom envelopes to control harmonics over time. Change the sine waves that make up these harmonics into more complex shapes. Add a few customizable modules to just about any sound setting you can think of. Heck, turn those modified harmonics back into a sample and shape the sound again. CMI V gives you unlimited creativity and sonic variety completely unique to this legendary sound design workstation. This sound is heard all over the world. You know the CMI sound because it sounded all over the place. Now you can relive the glory of MTV.

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