AudioRealism - ADM VSTi, WIN. AU, VST OSX. x86 x64 - Full Version

Massive bass drum, sassy cymbals and crunchy snare drum - these are the sounds of drum machines from the early 80s. The ADM contains three classic vintage drum machines from that era, combined into one, combined with a built-in 32 step sequencer and pattern controlled fx (PCF) effects. Put all your patterns in ADM using Import Rebirth or directly from your old 909 using sysex. The ADM contains 25 drum generators, each faithfully recreated from classic analog circuits, as well as 4 PCM players for a total of 34 sounds (some generators contain two sounds). Some of the sounds have been extended with additional parameters, such as tuning and attack in the 606 bass drum. The accent effect on the T-shaped oscillators, which supports the bass drum and tam-tam sounds, has been closely simulated, as well as the sound and behavior of hi-hats and cymbals. PCF can be used to automate any parameter of the drum machine, for example, the cutoff and Q parameters can be changed for each step. You can also set different snappy values ​​for each step, or switch between maraca and clap at certain steps, which will create the illusion of more polyphony. PCF can also control the amount of mangle (distortion type) as well as the application of the effect to the sound.

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