VAZ Synths - VAZ Modular 3.2.5 STANDALONE, VSTi x86 - Full Version

The VAZ Modular is a modular VA synthesizer designed to provide a similar workflow to an analog modular system, but with the added capability of adding and changing modules on the fly. Includes over 120 modules covering a wide range of VA characteristics as well as digital emulations such as phase modulation and phase distortion oscillators. Recent additions include a number of West Coast style modulators including Slope, Stepped and Smooth. Peculiarities: - virtual modular synthesizer with 1-level interface for quick experiments - connect any output to any input - over 120 different modules - VA analog emulation modules including Filter K and Filter R Add. info : Changes: (3.2.5) - CV Converter: fixed slide overshoot - Filter: fixed Learn for 3rd parameter - Multi Osc: fixed phase alignment after polyphony increase - Pulse Divider: fix to avoid side effects when adding or removing modules - Trigger Sequencer: fixed keyboard control of step gates - Voice Select: fixed MIDI control

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