PreSonus - Studio One 4 Professional 4.1.3 x64 WIN.OSX - Full Version

PreSonus announces the fourth major update to its Studio One sequencer. For sketching, PreSonus Studio One 4 introduces a new Chord Track tool, where harmony is automatically recognized from audio or instrument tracks and exported to a chord progression for Harmonic Editing. The Impact drum module turned into Impact XT, with the addition of 20 new functions, Sample One Sampler turned into Sample One XT, now you can not only sample any sound, but also do anything with it later. The pattern sequencer is integrated with the rest of the tracks and instruments. Added AAF support for data exchange with Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo, Final Cut Pro, Premiere and others. Together with Celemony, the ARA 2.0 specification was implemented, so that the adjustment in Melodyne is taking into account the harmony of the musical composition. A complete list of several dozen innovations is available on the manufacturer's website. There, in the Media section, there are numerous videos about Studio One 4. The main feature of PreSonus Studio One 4 is the new "Harmonic Editing" feature, which allows you to experiment with harmonies, keys and chord progressions. With the help of special chord tracks, the user can quickly and efficiently change the chords and keys of the composition based on the numerous variants of the Chord Selector database, as well as create new arrangements. According to the developers, the combination of Harmonic Edition, Arranger Track and Scratch Pads makes Studio One 4 much easier to work with arrangements and write new ideas.


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