Rob Papen - BLADE-2 1.0.0a VSTi, AAX x86 x64 - Full Version

The original BLADE synthesizer released in 2012 had the unique concept of controlling the harmonics of the waveform (Harmolator) with the XY pad. On top of that, the movement of the XY pad can also be recorded, edited and played back depending on the tempo. This BLADE concept meant that you could generate completely different sounds compared to conventional subtractive and even additive synthesizers. With BLADE-2, we have further expanded the capabilities of BLADE, making it a dream synthesizer for synthesis lovers who like to think outside the box and love to experiment! Along with the Harmolator mode, we've now included an additive mode that allows you to transform or mix between 4 additive waveforms using an XY pad. Of course, besides using these additive waves, you can also create and edit your own! Another new addition is a dedicated Wave Analysis section that allows you to analyze sample data in a waveform that can then be used again in the Harmolator or Additive section. The arpeggiator section inside the BLADE-2 has also received a huge update with some very interesting new features. There are now two additional axes to control the X and Y position of the XY pad. Also new is the "ratcheting" function, which includes various modes of the stretching mechanism. Last but not least, the BLADE-2 has 3 Multi-FX processors with premium high quality FX - Rob Papen - FX.

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