SWAM engine - SWAM Violin 2.0.1 CE-VR VSTi, AAX x64 - Full Version

SWAM Violin is the most realistic, realistic virtual violin in real time on the market ... Unlike simple sample libraries, all SWAM products, including SWAM Violin, are not just notes, but real virtual instruments that guarantee the same natural responses via a MIDI controller as a real instrument. Designed with audio modeling using SWAM (Synchronous Wave Acoustic Modeling) technology, a combination of innovative physical and behavioral modeling techniques and concepts, SWAM Violin does not include any samples and is extremely lightweight (only a few megabytes). SWAM's smallest violin footprint defers the issue of pre-recorded Giga libraries, and its organic consistency is the result of various expressive parameters that are unique to each live performance and characteristic of traditional instruments. You can use the SWAM violin for classical, country, pop and any other musical genre by placing it in the artifact-free section and simply selecting a different tone for each instance. All handcrafted SWAM Engine sound instruments let you control the expression of a virtual acoustic instrument: while the sample library repeats pre-recorded sound, the SWAM instruments play for real.

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