Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Infinity (KONTAKT) - Full Version

Fruit of the 80s, this dazzling red electric guitar emits clean chorus tones and cutting leads that last forever. Since the guitar includes a sustainer, it allows the notes to sound indefinitely. While this may initially seem like a novelty, the Sustainer Pickup actually adds a variety of effects that cannot be achieved with a regular guitar. For example, chords can be held in conjunction with a volume pedal to create organic pad-like finesse. In high guitar leads, the sustainer sometimes "loops" harmonics, almost like feedback from a guitar amp. We sampled all of the articulations with ample sustain and then seamlessly looped the appropriate samples using the phase coherent loop points. And you can rest assured that for the guitar that specializes in lead guitar solos, we've sampled everything from plucked harmonics, peak slide to tapping and more. We also recorded legato articulations with four round robins for realistic variation when playing. Evolution Infinity is powered by our Evolution guitar engine, which provides you with a host of features: an innovative strum pattern editor, automatic chord detection, and a powerful effects engine. The library includes many factory presets and ready-to-use classic 80s rhythms and lead electric guitar tones that fit right into the mix.

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File Size 3.82 GB
Magnet Torrent

Not for sale, intended for testing and educational purposes only, Support the developer by buying the original one, please report the violation post, we will delete it immediately

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