Orchestral Tools - Berlin Symphonic Harps (KONTAKT) PART-1 - Full Version

Until now, our Berlin series lacked one beautiful iridescent sound: "Harp". Fixed a bug - we returned to the Teldex Scoring Stage to feel the soul of this exciting instrument. To offer even more possibilities, we have recorded not one but two charming pearl harps to enhance your Berlin Series collection. Each harp has its own unique sonic character with a consistent set of articulations for both harps. Of course, we offer both of these Harps with many clever technical possibilities: Genuine Pedal Control - Each harp string has been recorded in its natural tone, with a semitone up and down. CAPSULE provides control over this feature. This way you can easily tune the harp just like a real player would. Glissandi Patches - These patches were sampled using the glissando technique. With this symphonic harp, you can create wonderful glissando sounds. Damping - For both harps, different decay sounds are recorded in the sustain patches and triggered based on the time the keys are pressed. If you play very short notes, you get immediate string damping. However, if you use a sustain pedal, the string will sound as long as you hold it down. In addition to the technical features that allow you to have complete control over these amazing instruments, of course, this collection also offers what the Berlin Series is well known for: perfectly balanced sound recorded at the renowned Teldex Berlin studio with uncompromising recording technique. Based on CAPSULE for Kontakt, Berlin Symphonic Harps is the perfect addition to the Berlin Series. But with a generous offering of microphone positions and many built-in ways to shape the sound, this library will also easily match any other musical material.


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