Orchestral Tools - Glory Days Big - Band Horns (KONTAKT) PART-2 - Full Version

Glory Days - Big Band Horns is an extensive collection of wind and saxophone instruments providing composers and arrangers with a complete set of instruments for all kinds of popular, dance and big band cinematic music. For this collection, we captured a quality and unique sound character that has bite, punch and harshness for a wonderful solemn and magnificent sound. A return to those glorious days of dancing and big band standards in an inspiring collection. We also recorded Bucket, Cup, Harmon, Plunger, Solotone and Pixie Mutes ... Glory Days - Big Band Horns was recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin with an expanded array of mic perspectives, from very dry to stage ambience. Aside from our usual mic setup, we decided to go for a more specific selection of rare and unique microphones to give our Big Band Horns the enchanting sound of the past. Glory Days - Big Band Horns is another set of desktop tools for professionals and those on the go. Fluid Legato, Bends, Falls, Doits, Agile Playable Runs - the collection contains a complete set of articulations and effects in the style of big bands. All articulations were recorded in a sequential set - which makes it easy to exchange parts between instruments, layering or dubbing them in different ways. Glory Days - Big Band Horns includes Orchestral Tools' Adaptive Legato System. All instruments offer true legato recorded as intermediate samples. CAPSULE for Kontakt adjusts the parameters of these transitional samples according to your playback speed.


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